About Us


I’m Orna the CEO and founder of orwhatuwear.
All my life I was inspired by beauty and fashion was always a big part of my life.
Now days when fashion industry and social media influencing our daily life I find it even more important yet difficult to stand out on fashion with bold yet basic and sophisticated outfits.
My closest friends and family would always reach out to me asking what to wear? And how to wear it to combine the outfit with their style and body shape and I would always give my honest opinion trying to improvise the best way possible.
I believe you only look beautiful when you feel beautiful that’s why it’s important that you find the outfits that will suit you and shine out your confidence.
This is why I spend most of my time searching for that special collection trying real hard to reach out to all body types and shapes so we all will feel comfortable and beautiful.
So if you want to join my friends and family and drop the questions you can always ask me orwhatuwear? And I will do all I can to help you find the best outfit for your special day ;) X
Orna Megreli,